Lets be Sensitive to environment

The environment breathes life into us. The life-sustaining environment is gradually suffering degradation.

The environmental impact of buildings

Buildings have a profound effect on the environment, which is why green building practices are so important to reduce those impacts dramatically.

It's now or never!

It's time we wake up to the realities of global warming and live in agreement with the nature. The least we can do to ensure a health world for our children and future generations is waking up to the fact that the answer lies only in conservation of nature. And the time is now!

As developers,we are committed to conservation of nature in a big way. We implement them because we believe in it and want to protect and preserve nature. Conservation of natural resources is given priority in all the projects taken up by S&S

Green building is the practice of increasing a building's efficiency in using resources like energy, water and materials while reducing impact on human health and the environment. At S&S we care for the health of our environment and that of our future residents!

S&S is the first construction company to imstall solar hot water system, water and energy conservation practices in all projects. Our sensitivity has resulted in designing Green Grace that is environment-friendly. With technical guidance from the C11- Sohrabji Green Business Centre, Green Grace is committed to follow the relevant indian Green Building Concil norms for residential buildings

It's now or never!

  • Effective Ventilation
  • Energy Conservation
  • Water Conservation
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Water recycling
  • Efficient solid waste management
  • Design to allow more natural light
  • Energy efficient lightings systems for common areas

We are proud that Green Grace is a pilot project registered under the Indian Green Building Council* (IGBC) rating system and are committed to live up to the challenge.

*IGBC- Which is a part of C11-Godrej GBC, is actively involved in promoting the Green Building concept in India. The Council is to serve as single point solution provider and be a key engine to facilitate all Green Building activities in India.

Value addition through Property Management Services

For the benefit of customers, we undertake property management services like identification of suitable tenant carring out the documentation of tenancy, lease or hire between the landlord and tenant as required by both the parties. We extend our services in collection og rentals and depositing them in customers' bank account. In addition to ti, we take care of payment of municipal taxes and any other charges to different agencies on behalf of the customers and keep the records updated